Without letting it be a spiel, things can fairly be put in a different perspective; for we at Brilliance surely get on to surmise the facts with a distinct ideology.

When everything turns albeit analogous to resort to mouthing tall claims in terms of catering to the students, our approach veers towards a unique pedagogy. Our forbearance in teaching assumes a whole new meaning which can invariably be just innovative and worthy of the promise. Since 2006, we have relentlessly been striving to produce quality students living up to their aspirations.

Frankly speaking, a learner with his or her mind being in the state of tabula rasa  ends up learning here not only the conventional curricula prescribed for them but also being a complete human being with true values of life enshrined in their souls. Members of our faculty, with their respective academic prudence, have taken a resolve to tread this path with a firm focus having been put on its axiomatic practice.  A student seemingly wincing in pain at his or her inability to understand the lesson is simply forestalled by our ever-attentive teachers and things can unequivocally be in evidence as we have been producing an incalculable number of students shining brightly in their respective board examinations over the years.

‘Seeing is believing’ is an oft-spoken phrase and we want to vigorously put in place this adage to fan out our principle all across. So do drop in with your wards to experience our sui generis.

Wishing you all the best.

Nirmalya Chandra


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About Us

We are patronized by the members of ex-faculty of reputed institution, renowned teachers and ex-professors who secured the excellent results in their respective fields. Knowledge is the best tool for the mankind and we are making such tools in our institute with the help of the faculties who achieved the highest degree in their education.


With a strong conviction, firmly anchored in delivering result, the success of Brilliance simply gets manifold. Over the years, our results have been a living testament to our sincerity, sensitivity, care and devotion which we have always put in to augment academic growth. Last year, our 90% students.[ ICSE,CBSE, ISC & WB Board ] from class VI to class XII obtained more than 90% in their aggregate of marks.